Robert Santiago

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Why To Draw It...

Project "Phoenix"


Our UX Team assisted a group of NetBackup developers with modernizing the ancient NetBackup windows client interface by transforming it into a modern web-based UI.

My Role

I illustrated the various use-cases and workflows that the team would be addressing in upcoming sprints. Additionally, I proposed design solutions to address areas not covered by the corporate design library and shared these back to the company's UX community.

Tools used: Sketch, Confluence, Photoshop, Powerpoint

Pic of Legacy NBU product
Pic of Job List
Pic of Details slide
Pic of Details tab switch

Security Simulation


Symantec transitioned from a pure "Antivirus Software" company to a platform-based range of services. One value-add concept involved distributing educational materials on cyber security to clients to provide to their employees in the form of interactive training.

My Role

As the leadership we were pitching to was intensely anti-wireframe, I was tasked with interpreting the Symantec style guide to present several hi-fi screens of the test program as it would look during an active testing scenario.

Tools used: Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver

Pic of Mission Room
Pic of Kickoff page
Pic of Testing



Veritas established "Hackathons" every two quarters, and Engineering would pause normal work activities to stage two-day competitions and present their MVPs for prizes. I joined a team whose idea was to create an intelligent hub to store and recall corporate presentations.

My Role

In addition to creating promo material for the event, I assisted my prize-winning team by taking the wireframes provided to me and devising an original (non-corporate) theme, along with hi-fidelity mockups to guide the CSS implementation in the protoype.

Tools used: Sketch, Paletton, Snook.CA

Pic of Hackathon Ad
Pic of Guidance
Pic of Landing Page
Pic of Detail Page